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Via Stone's core activity is the development, trial, introduction and implementation of innovative solutions, involving combinations of light and natural minerals, primarily by incorporating the natural stones of marble and onyx. Both conventional and innovative methods of precision processing have been introduced in the productions, organised on an international scale, which in their continuity form the product of Via Stone. This has lead to achieving thicknesses of product, yet unknown to the market, while retaining the material qualities and properties ( "Techical data").
The company's primary distinguishing features are Innovation in each and every solution, Uniqueness of produce and Hand processing of each detail of our products .
Creative imagination, thought, heart, talent and handy work have gone into each and every element, which in combination form the Uniqueness of the product and heighten the 'one-of-a-kind' and beauty sensation (BEAUTY)- ( "Our Products"), ( "Video").
The Company's goal is to reach leading market positions for the product, by applying new methods at every stage of the comprehensive technological process of production and implementation. Innovative means have lead to increasing applicability and maintaining the high criteria set for produce quality, including compliance with environment conservation requirements.


In unison with our motto "Creative Solutions", in Via Stone you can count on an individual approach in searching for creative solutions, according to the needs of your business or in consideration of your own personal requirements. It is our responsibility and initiative to follow and study any novelties and their application. We invest time in the development and implementation of new technologies, new methods and materials in the comprehensive, international, technologically independent production process, in view of achieving "competitive advantage" for our partners and associates, through our products. "Innovation" is the keyword, which expresses the essence of the process that is Our driving force. It is the basis on which our product is build and it leads us on the road through which we establish our connection with YOU -- our Clients -- so that ALL OF US TOGETHER may reach the feelings of

Balance – because Balance is in the universe and we are part of it
Extravaganza – because Extravaganza is colours and sounds, bearing the feeling of completion and creation
Aeon – because Aeon is our companion
Utility – because Utility is man's intrinsic need
Transparency – because Transparency is a way of self-realization
Youth– because all of the above bears the elements of Youth


- maximum satisfaction of our Client requirements ;
- individual approach;
- process of continuous searching and implementation of innovative solutions;
- production in compliance with the most stringent ecology standards;
- safe technologies and productions ;
- protection of our partners' interests, in keeping with a shared corporate and social accountability;
- corporate and business ethics ;
- stimulation and support for young specialists with innovative thinking ;
- uniqueness of products ;
- flexibility in searching for solutions ;
- .... and everything that brings out internal human beauty, so that it may be shared!