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Onyx is a semi-precious stone, a cryptocrystalline form of quartz; and represents a sedimentary rock, formed as a result of calcium carbonate sedimentation in the fixed underground layers. Its structure can be dense, fine-grained or large-crystalline, often of banded or radial ray structure. It is characterized by its semi-transparency and the presence of veins of different size and colouring, attributing to its multi-coloured appearance. It is usually banded with predominant hues from light brown to dark brown or even black; although other varied colour combinations are also found. Because of its transparency and multicoloured appearance, onyx has always been associated with interior decor and creative design. When onyx is lit up from behind by neon light or LED, unique aesthetic effects can be achieved, allowing for inimitable designer interior solutions.


Marble is a metamorphic rock built of calcite or dolomite, with crystal and limestone structure, formed by the combined impact of high pressure and very high temperature. Marble may be in pure form (metamorphic origin) or reconstituted (sedimentary origin) and not particularly hard (3-4 on the MOHS scale). It has a certain degree of changeability in the coarseness of the components and the colour hues. Colouring varies from pure white to all kinds of colour hues. The colour of marble depends on the presence of mineral impurities (clay, silt, sand, iron oxides and quartz formations). White marble does not contain such impurities.

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